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We welcome any questions that you may have. Please feel free to email or contact us in any way so that we can help you on your way to buying something special We will endeavour to answer within 48 hours and, if relevant, we may feature your question within this section of our site. We look forward to hearing from you.
How can I keep my silver polished ?
The silver is treated to resist tarnishing, but sometimes it needs a quick touch-up. To do so, we recommend using either a silver polishing cloth or a jewellery cleaning tank. Dip your jewellery in a cleaning tank and the sonic waves will turn your jewellery from dull to dazzling in minutes. Do not use liquid silver polish as it removes the oxidisation off the beads and bracelets. Additionally, chemicals such as chlorine from hot tubs will change the make-up and look of the silver, so use your best judgement when wearing your jewellery.
Why should I get your jewelry ?
If you like fine jewelry then you will love our unique pieces made of pure silver featuring genuine gemstones. Our jewelry also makes great gifts for any occasion. We guarantee that all our jewellery is real and stamped 9.25, which means that they are made of pure sterling silver and feature genuine gemstones. We are confident that you will appreciate the fine workmanship.
Can I use some gemstones that have been in my family ?
The idea of carrying on a family tradition with jewellery is one of the reasons jewellery is so special and becomes so sentimental. We are experts at custom making jewellery items and can advise you on the use of gemstones that you may already have. It is important to note however, that the technology used to cut diamonds today is far superior to years past and today's diamonds tend to sparkle more.
How do you care for the glass beads ?
Because the process of making beads is essentially a chemical process, it's best to give the beads a good bath before working with them. This way you will assure that there is no residue left on the beads. This also makes them sparkle and shine. Soap and water work quite well for glass to clean it. No need for stronger solutions.
Why are the beads different ?
Mainly because they are not made by machine and human made products always reflect the slight variances. As with all articles made by hand, the sizes and shapes will vary. It depends on so many variables, they are all within a range, but no two will ever be exactly alike. This is simply not possible with handmade lampworked beads. These variations are not imperfections or rejects, simply that they are made by hand.
What is meant when something is called a "colored" Gemstone ?
In the gem and jewelry trade, all Gemstones other than diamond are called colored stones. So if it isn't a diamond , its a colored stone. Its odd, but this means that a deep yellow diamond is not a colored stone, while a colorless sapphire actually is a colored stone. I know its kind of confusing, but that's how the gemstone industry defines its terms.
What are the costs of turning rough into gems ?
The most difficult part of my business is acquiring high quality gemstone "rough". Through of our travels and personal contacts, We do acquire sufficient quantities to keep my business going. The next step, the "gem processing" is the most critical. This is the process of transforming the "rough" gem materials into the cut and polished gems. There is no question that this takes great skill and experience. The costs associated with gem processing are not cheap, and are a significant part of the cost of gemstones.
What is the difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones ?
The term "semi-precious" is somewhat misleading as it suggests that some gemstones have inferior value. Years ago, most people considered Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire as the "precious" gemstones and all others as "semi-precious." In truth, all natural colored gemstones are rare and precious and their prices are determined by the availability and quality of the gemstone.
How do I order a gemstone from your website ?
Like most importers and wholesalers, we do the majority of our business on the telephone. We discuss selection and pricing with you, and then send gemstones out to you for your approval and purchase. Contact us for further details.
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